Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quadcopter - DJC1000-X4 beta build

I have almost competed the build of my DJC1000-X4 in fiberglass. This is what I am calling the DJC1000-X4 beta build because it allows me to test fit everything before I get the carbon fiber cut to match my design. I am doing this so that I can catch all of the issue before shelling out the money for the cutting.

This has helped me to find a few minor issues and let me plan the new camera mount when it came in. The lower outer battery plate mount holes is partly blocked by the legs. I thought that this could happen when designing the frame, but I wanted to try it. I wanted to give it a try because the legs will be better the further out they are. The same goes for the lower outer battery plate mount. I'll work on that more and try to figure it out.

For now, here are pictures of what I have done with the 'beta build'.

More to come as this story develops :P

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